About us

I am the sole owner of 3061 Graphix Co. I have serviced my customers for over ten years and I have been in business at 1598 North Parkway, Jackson, TN for three years.  In 2005, I began to utilize my gift as a self-taught graphic designer to fabricate photo shirts for friends and family as well as creating album covers for myself and local music artist. Unfortunately, what I thought would be a big commodity turned out not to be.  “As a matter of fact, I did not sell any album cover t-shirts!” However, the photo shirts were requested of quite frequently. 

As months passed by, I began to play with the idea of graphic designs being a portal to financially provide for my family.   In 2006, I eagerly launched 3061 Graphix Co. and began to advertise to the public via social media and “word of mouth”.  Some people may ask, “Where did “3061” originate?” I reply, “I cleverly retracted the last four digits from my mobile number, in efforts to remind the customers how to contact me.”  At the start of this business venture, my operation was stationed in the kitchen of my residence with a $100 press and a $30 tri-color printer from Walmart.  With this equipment, I was incapable of generating any product outside of photo shirts. During the start-up period of 3061 Graphix Co., business was very sketchy. First, I allowed customers to place an order over the phone without payment. Secondly, I requested customers to provide their own garment, which hindered the production time.  Thirdly, the customer and I would agree on a location to meet so I may pick up the garment and later exchange payment for my services rendered.  Although this verbal agreement could have jeopardized my welfare and safety, it was a risk I was willing to take to ensure that my business sustained. 

By 2008, my clients began to inquire about other strategic designs.  In attempts to appease my customers, l embarked on a new journey in search of a more advanced method of production.  After evaluating all options and reflecting on the desires of the customers, in 2009 I opted to purchase a vinyl cutter. This computer-controlled plotting device uses a blade to cut along the paths laid out in the design. The vinyl cutter served as an innovator for “3061 Graphix” in the line of production for heat transfer designs.  As my clientele and production increased, preparing the vinyl became a tedious process.  Being that “I” was the only one managing the operation, I searched out for a simpler way to develop a good quality design. 

In 2013, I explored a new method of printing that was unlike my other productions. By 2014, I mastered the technique of screen printing and purchased a one station manual screen printing press.  This printing technique was laborious.  Little did I know that this process is very time consuming . Initially I had to dry each shirt individually with a heat gun. As the end result the screen print would be on paper not on the garment.  Screen printing orders became so numerous, I decided to purchase a four station press where I can screen print directly to garment.  I also use a conveyer dryer to dry garments. 

By the close of 2014, I fearlessly announced to the public 3061 Graphix Co. will “be coming to a location near you”.  August of the following year, I opened for business at 1598 North Parkway, Jackson TN.  Looking back over the last ten years, I am marveled at the expansion of my company.  Due to my clients “spreading the word” about the quality of my designs, my dedication, and professionalism, 3061 Graphix has grown exponentially. In 2006, I serviced only 10 local customers.  Currently, I provide graphic designs to thousands of customers across the US.


Willie Price (Owner)

Address :
1598 North Parkway,
TN - 38301
Tel : (731) 444-3061
Email : 3061graphix@gmail.com


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